Drum Lessons Leeds

Drum Lessons Leeds

Here at Singing Lessons Leeds we are proud to be able to team up with Barney Riley for 2016 to provide drum lessons right here in Leeds. Barney is an extremely experienced drummer as well as a fantastic drum tutor for students of all ages and abilities. I have had the good fortune of performing with Barney both in the Jenova Collective as well as in the recording studio - with natural musical talent he will certainly be the right person to help you develop on the drums. You can find out more about Barney's drum lessons on his dedicated Drum Lessons Leeds website.

You can also have a listen to his drumming skills in the Jenova Collective's video below - The Jenova Collective are a 7 piece live Electro Swing act who have tour across the UK, Europe and beyond, most recently returning from a month long tour in Australia. Barney's tight beats, inventive grove lines and powerful live performances have contributed immensely to the band's gradual rise as one of Leeds' leading band. If you are interested in booking some drum or percussion lessons with Barney simply drop him an email at info@drumlessonsleeds.co.uk.

Everyone is Welcome

My teaching helps to build your confidence as a singer, learning through specific exercises and working with the songs that you are passionate about. My lessons are tailored to the needs of every individual, whatever level you are at. Both male and female students are welcome, as well as any age. Group booking are also available if that is something you are more comfortable with!

If you're interested in finding out more about our singing lessons, don't hesitate to call me on 03458 690679.

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Lily is dedicated vocal coach, able to help students of all ages and abilities develop their singing ability and confidence. Her friendly and warm approach to lessons makes them engaging and enjoyable - book your first lesson today to start unlocking your full vocal potential.