Leeds Singing Lessons

Leeds Singing Lessons

Our singing lessons are all about building your confidence singing the songs that you love. As a beginner coming for your first lesson it can be a little daunting but you really have nothing to worry about, great teachers have a way of making you feel relaxed as soon the lesson starts. We will start by talking about the style of music you would like to learn and you aims for your singing before beginning to tackle a great starter song. For more advanced students we will start by talking about the aspects of your voice that you would like to develop and how we can take you to that next level!

Depending on your needs, in a lesson with Alice you can: 

• Extend your range and learn to traverse your entire range from bottom to top without any breaks and with improved stability and control

• Identify elements of your individual voice and learn about how to use your natural strengths to the best of your ability; everyone has a different vocal instrument!

• Understand vibrato, breath support and projection and how to use them. Develop sustainable singing technique, and maintain vocal health so that you never need to worry about straining or hurting your voice 

• Use traditional and modern techniques to fine-tune your posture for singing

• Workshop your songs and gain advice about songwriting and interpretation in a safe and encouraging environment

• Learn about what defines different musical vocal styles so that you can sing and perform any genre you like with confidence.

• Gain performance skills and music industry advice from an experienced professional

• Develop knowledge of basic music theory, harmonizing, riffing, and musicality 

If you want to find out more about my lessons don't hesitate to get in contact by calling 03458 690679 or emailing me at samwilde@singinglessonsleeds.com.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Everyone is Welcome

My teaching helps to build your confidence as a singer, learning through specific exercises and working with the songs that you are passionate about. My lessons are tailored to the needs of every individual, whatever level you are at. Both male and female students are welcome, as well as any age. Group booking are also available if that is something you are more comfortable with!

If you're interested in finding out more about our singing lessons, don't hesitate to call me on 03458 690679.

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Lily is dedicated vocal coach, able to help students of all ages and abilities develop their singing ability and confidence. Her friendly and warm approach to lessons makes them engaging and enjoyable - book your first lesson today to start unlocking your full vocal potential.